UPDATE (July 2009)

This coming August 9, 2009 marks one year since the police killing of Fredy Villaneuva, 18, in Montréal-Nord. More than two decades since Anthony Griffin, 19, was shot and killed in NDG, the impunity of Montreal police (SPVM) continues.

The SPVM routinely harass, profile, injure, assault and even kill without suffering any serious consequences. When families demand accountability and transparency, the police use legal intimidation in their attempt to shut down public inquires, such as the Fraternité’s recent attempts to prevent a coroner’s inquest into the shooting death of Mohamed Anas Bennis in Côte des-Neiges. When the police investigate themselves, they are given preferential treatment — as revealed at the early stages of the Villanueuva inquiry — where it was confirmed that the SQ never interrogated the officers involved in Fredy’s killing).

Since our launch in April 2009, the police have taken notice of this website, and in media articles their spokesperson has called it “hateful”. Their reaction reveals their own paranoia and fear, part of the same paranoia and fear that play out on the street and in our neighborhoods against members of our communities.

This website is about the power of memory, about rooting our resistance to police brutality into a specific framework which remembers the victims of police impunity, and works always with these memories in mind. We work to achieve this through documenting and publicizing graffiti that simply indicate the name and ages of individuals killed by the police.

In those same media articles, the City of Montreal has indicated that the graffiti documented by this website will be targeted for removal “en priorité”. That sentiment has not stopped whichever person or persons continue to use the walls of Montreal’s neighborhoods to remember the names of the victims of police violence and brutality. It seems the momentum to keep those names on Montreal’s streets is also an “en priorité” matter for at least some members of the local community.

This is our first update since the website went public in April; we encourage you to send out this update widely, by e-mail and other means, to your friends and contacts. Some new highlights and updates on the site include:

more photos of graffiti from across Montreal – NDG, Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal-Nord, Mile-End and elsewhere;
— messages from the Fernandez and Villaneuva families;
— at least 50 texts providing background and context to police killings in Montreal;
— a new video section;
— information about some upcoming events, including Hoodstock and the August 9 demo in memory of Fredy Villaneuva;
— and more.

Please send us your photos, articles, videos, links and anything else that might be appropriate for flics-assassins.net to montrealkillercops@gmail.com

This website was created by an autonomous, independent and anonymous group of Montreal residents who are outraged by police brutality and impunity. We are not affiliated with any particular group, collective or coalition. Rather, we are a modest part of ongoing efforts to counter the police offensive against our communities, in support of grassroots initiatives.

As the Montreal cops and their Fraternité (and the politicians who support them) attempt to justify police killings, deny racial profiling, derail public inquiries, and encourage measures that serve to increase police power and impunity, we stand with those who courageously and tirelessly confront police repression.

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